Institutions – Foundations


Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden

Visby International Centre for Composers

A very beautiful medieval city, where I worked on a project, located in the Swedish Island of Gotland

Svensk Musik Here you can obtain all the information about Swedish music

STIM (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå)

 The Swedish Perfoming Rights Society 

AdK (Akademie der Künste)

An Arts Institution in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1696

Contemporary Music Organizations 


Society of Swedish Composers 


Nuovo Virtuoso

A Japanese composer Unit, founded in 2005 by Jummei Suzuki and Hideki Kozakura

21 Seiki Ongaku no Kai

Composers group, based in Tokyo, dedicated to promoting new Japanese music


Association of young composers living and working in Berlin, founded in 2003.
Excellent musicians/composers from outside Germany are invited to many cultural exchange programmes.

Rei Munakata

Japanese conductor as well as composer, residing in Stockholm, Sweden.
Also the founder of Curious Chmaber Ensemble

Malin Bång

A Swedish female composer from Göteborg

Fabian Svensson

A person who is a little shy but has immeasurable power inside of him.

Manfred Stahnke

If I had not met him, I would not have moved to Germany.
Composer from Hamburg

Oto wo Asobu

Lots of information about the Japanese comtemporary music can be obtained here.

Djuro Zivkovic

Composer/Violinist from Serbia, living and working in Stockholm.


Jörgen Pettersson

Absolutely one of the best saxophonists in Scandinavia

Mårten Falk

A very unique Swedish guitarist, from Stockholm
Dedicated to contemporary music

Masayuki Kino

A violinist based in Tokyo and London, but works around the globe

Trio Kandinsky

Devoted to the promotion of not only classical pieces, but also recent creations

Xenia Ensemble

Founded in 1995, Turin, Italy, by four foreign musicians sharing a keen interest in contemporary music

Ensemble Adapter

Berlin based ensemble, often working together with Klangnetz composers

Modern Art Sextet-Berlin

An unforgettable ensemble to me because of the humorous conversations we had before the concert



Stockholm Public Transport


Berlin Transportation Company operates three means of transport in Berlin : the metro, trams, and buses

Berlin: Verkehr

Anyone interested in tram is welcome to visit

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